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1936 Transcontinental & Western Air Airway Map and Air Log

A Report of Ice Accretion – Technical Note #7, dated March 5, 1943, by E.J. Minser of the Transcontinental & Western Air Meteorological Department.

Aero Corporation of California - A memo from December 1928 regarding an Eaglerock "ship" for sale.

Airlanes Magazine – Airlanes is the only magazine placed aboard all planes operated by air transport companies in the United States. January, 1941.

Air Power by Bob Buck - A TWA promotional brochure, featuring TWA pilot Bob Buck.

Air Transportation July 1933- Magazine produced by the Bendix Aviation Corporation, July of 1933. Features include the story of Transcontinental and Western Air.

The Airline and Your Community - How communities adjacent to TWA's present routes can have economic benefits of transcontinental airline service, dated 1944.

Airway Age Magazine July 1929 – Volume 10, Number 7, published by the Simmons-Boardman Publishing Company. Includes a special section regarding Transcontinental & Western Air service.

Airplanes Little Wonder Book #113– By Maria Ellen Johnson, 1939.

Ambassador - TWA Ambassador, Volume 1, Number 1, December 1957.

Ancestor Aircraft of TWA 1925-1936 - Former TWA employee Edward Peck's four-part series in the American Aviation Historical Society Journal, 1970.

Annual Reports - 1935 through 1946

Annual Reports - 1947 through 1955

Ashton Family Slide Collection - The Ashton Family generously donated some items to our Museum, to include some recently-discovered glass slides. These slides are 50-60 years old and were utilized by Mr. Thomas Ashton to train other TWA employees. A unique and very rare collection.

Aviation History in Greater Kansas City - Aviation History Magazine.

Aviation Kansas City - A supplement to the 1966 Kansas Citian regarding the 1966 MCI bond issue.

Beauty Magazine 1950 -  A 1950 article entitled "Right for Flight."

Betts Family Collection - Captain Edward Betts became involved with early TWA history and published many books and articles as an authority on the subject. He and his wife Donna were very active in the TWA Active Retired Pilot's Association and the 57th Bomb Wing activities and reunions. Special thanks to Janet Betts Dean and the Betts Family for allowing us to share this collection.

Big Bird Flight Story – A TWA promotional brochure published in 1970 detailing the story of the Boeing 747 and TWA.

Blackburn Testimony - Hal Blackburn, TWA Pilot, Presidential Emergency Board, June 15, 1946.

Boeing Stratoliner - TWA's 4-engine Boeing Stratoliner.

Boeing Stratoliner Brochure – Tomorrow’s Airplane Today! A Boeing promotional brochure promoting the Boeing 307 Stratoliner to TWA.

Breech Training Academy - A TWA promotional brochure.

Chicago Sunday Tribune - A July 1947 feature regarding a TWA "Transatlantic Air Hostess."

Coast-to-Coast by Plane and Train - A history of the conception, organization, development and operation of Transcontinental Air Transport, by Aurel Knarr, former TAT meteorologist.

The Command Authority and Responsibility of a TWA Captain – Captain Frank E. Brown, who checked out as a TWA Captain on June 30, 1967.

Convair 880 - A colorful brochure promoting the Convair 880, produced by Convair.

Detroit Aircraft Corporation - A photo album from the Detroit Aircraft Corporation.

Elite Facts - The October/November 1962 newsletter produced by Flight Operations in Kansas City. This issue includes articles regarding the Merger Anniversary, The Formative Years (1925-1933), the Ford Tri-Motor, the Night Mail, TAT Book of Rules for Operating Employees, Hangar Flying and Senior Pilot Addresses.

The Finest Air Fleet in the World – A 1953 promotional brochure “prepared expressly to display our pride in a reputation as the airline having the finest air fleet in the world.” Includes a letter dated September 21, 1953 from Ralph Damon.

First Employee Newsletter July 1932 - A rare find at our Museum. Before Line Squalls and Skyliner, this is Volume 1, Number 1 of the monthly publication by and for the employees of Transcontinental and Western Air.

Flight Attendant Gallery - A collection of class graduation photos and other related photos.

Flight Attendant Gallery - Hostess Training Yearbook 1967-68

Flying Age Magazine December 1946 - An article entitled "Appointment in Paris." Be sure to check out the blurb from Mrs. Stan Stanton regarding the "Flying Stantons."

Fortune Magazine, April 1945 - Chest Expansion of an Airline: With Jack Frye's ambition, Howard Hughes' money, and three years' ATC experience, TWA would like to change its name to "Trans World Air" and fly around the globe.

Flight Log of TWA Constellation Number 310 - On its record-breaking non-stop flight from Burbank to Washington, April 17, 1944. This Flight Log was presented to Edward J. Minser, a Kansas City weather pioneer and director of meteorology for TWA. Mr. Minser died of a heart attack on January 14, 1968 at the age of 64. A veteran of more than 35 years with TWA and one of its predecessor companies, Transcontinental Air Transport, Mr. Minser was one of the pioneers in airline weather forecasting. Among his outstanding contributions to the science of aviation was his research in North Atlantic weather which resulted in the development of pressure pattern flying and made a reality of his dream of high altitude passenger flights. He was honored by the Air Transport Association for his service since founding of the ATA meteorological committee in 1937. He was the committee's first chairman. In addition to the Flight Log, we’ve also included some information about Mr. Minser in this photo gallery. Additional information regarding the flight of TWA Constellation Number 310 may be found in the TWA Skyliner Magazine, 1944-04-01, located here:

The Flying Stanton's - The nation's first father-and-two-son all pilot team on one airline is claimed by TWA.

Helen Gunn Jaques Scrapbook - Helen served as an assistant to Harlan Hull, chief clerk in the chief pilot's office and as a secretary to the Chief Pilot. She was known up and down the line as the "assistant chief pilot." She appears to have started her career with TWA in 1937.

Hostess List 1962 - Alphabetical listing of TWA Domestic and Atlantic Region International Hostesses, effective February 1, 1962.

How to Fly – A 1937 colorful promotional brochure from Transcontinental and Western Air.

Instructions for New Hostesses - Dated September 1, 1942.

Introducing the Boeing Stratoliner – For the Information and Use of TWA Personnel. An illustrated brochure regarding the inauguration of the new 33-passenger Boeing Straotliner.

Kansas City International Airport - The official dedication program, October 21-23, 1972. Fully illustrated with information regarding TWA and aviation history in Kansas City.

Kirk Hull Donation - An application from Vice President Paul Richter, dated August 9, 1935, to the Department of Commerce requesting a Letter of Authority for Transcontinental and Western Air, Inc. to operate between Kansas City and Newark via Chicago and Pittsburgh. Courtesy of Kirk Hull.

Meet the Fleet - A TWA brochure promoting TWA cargo services.

A Modern Flight Dispatch Center – Central Region, May 20, 1965. The development of flight dispatch at MKC during the transition from piston to jet equipment.

Prom Magazine 1954 - A December 1954 article entitled "Winning your Wings", authored by Jeannette Phillips, TWA Superintendent of Hostesses.

Prom Magazine 1961 - A February 1961 article entitled "So you want to be an Airline Hostess?"

Romantic Magazine 1938 - A June 1938 article entitled "Romance in the Sky - The Real Story of Air Hostess Loves."

Salute Magazine December 1946 - An article entitled "Milk Run... No Flak."

Service Aloft Magazine – An official publication of the Air Line Stewards and Stewardesses Association. Summer and Fall, 1957.

St. Louis Post Dispatch Magazine 1995 - A January 1995 article entitled "Up and Away with the DC 2."

Super-G Constellation Promotional Brochure #1 - A promotional brochure promoting the new Super-G Constellation.

Super-G Constellation Promotional Brochure #2 - An invitation to all discriminating air travelers to fly the luxurious Super Constellation.

Texaco Star Magazine June/July 1935 - "TWA Plane Brings New Records Home".

Texaco Star Magazine 1937 - "From Flying Machines to Air Liner", featuring TWA.

Thirty Years of Service – A 1955 promotional brochure detailing the history of TWA at its 30th anniversary.

Transcontinental & Western Air Western Region Circular 1933 - A service schedule, dated June 27, 1933, regarding new transcontinental service.

Transportation Division - A TWA brochure promoting their Transportation Division.

Transportation Training Center - 1307 Baltimore, Kansas City, Missouri.

Trans World Traveler - August, 1947. Published monthly for Transcontinental & Western Air by the Henry Publishing Company.

TWA Staggerwing B17L - Courtesy of Charles Stanton (TWA Stanton Family) and the Beechcraft Heritage Museum.

TWA Pilots System Seniority Lists - 1935 and 1944 - 1947.

TWA Eastern Region Operations - A memo regarding TWA's Eastern Region Operations - February 1938.

Trans World Airlines Promotional Brochure - A 1945 illustrated brochure - "TWA, one of America's leading air transport enterprises, seeks to extend its service to the people of other lands. Evidence of its ability to discharge fully the responsibilities inherent in international air commerce is respectfully submitted on these pages." Be sure to check out the interesting signatures on the last page.

Trans World Airlines Technical Services - An illustrated explanation of the Technical Services organization and how it lives up to its policy and supports its philosophy.

Welcome Aboard - 1953 Welcome booklet for new TWA employees.

Zimmerman Accident Report, 1935 – Accident #149, Allegheny County Airport, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, February 10, 1935. Damage to Douglas #311. H.J. Zimmerman, Pilot; Roy Minor, Copilot.

Zimmerman Flight Report - November 1935 flight report by Pilot Harry J. Zimmerman; Katharine Hepburn and husband are passengers. Zimmerman notes that Hepburn "looks like hell."