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TWA Museum at 10 Richards Road

The mission of the TWA Museum is to provide information to the public emphasizing the story, history and importance of the major role TWA played in pioneering commercial aviation. From the birth of airmail to the inception of passenger air travel, to the post-WWII era of global route expansion, TWA led the way for 75 years.

TWA Active Retired Pilots Association (TARPA)

TARPA was founded in 1979 by retired TWA pilots who wanted to create an organization to provide a social, recreational and non-profit entity with a primary goal of helping members maintain friendships formed while flying for TWA and to assist pilots nearing retirement with the transition to the new life. TARPA publishes a world class, widely acclaimed magazine ''TARPA TOPICS'' and it is produced three times a year. TARPA TOPICS contains stories about members' current and past activities, stories about TWA and industry issues, and updates on TARPA activities. The Topics offers a wealth of information related to the history of Trans World Airlines.

Follow this link to access the Tarpa Topics:

The State Historical Society of Missouri

The TWA Skyliner Collection - The single document that knits the TWA story together is the in-house company publication, the TWA Skyliner—published from 1929-2002—which reported on the events of the airline and its staff but also the company’s role in Missouri and the national and international changes within the airline industry. This TWA Skyliner Magazine collection offers issues from 1929 to the last issue in 2002. Follow this link to access the Skyliner Collection:   

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TWA Seniors Club

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